We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far.

We want to wish all of you all a Merry Xmas and Happy and safe New Year.

Our host was down few hours the other day, nothing to be alarmed about once in a blue it happens.

As you see most everyone bugged out early wanting to get an early jump on some much needed R&R.

Looks like were all still trying to find our way post fosta still not really sure how we feel about sending out mailers but we will start in 2019, part of holding back was also to see where the chips fall if you will while exploring the best possible ways to communicate always ensuring privacy.

 We will update here more often in the coming year additionally.

 Some more changes to look forward to n 2019 will be new pics for everyone, going to try and get it back to the style we used to use for those of you that may remember those days.

So once again Happy Holidays, don't do anything we wouldn't do :).