Welcome to My Secret Asian

Text or calling is the best form of contact.

If your not verified you should only be emailing your verification information.

If you have questions before getting verified only texts or calls will be answered.

References are provided for current members after 3 visits.

First time customers will go through a verification process, it is advisable if you are thinking of using us to get pre-screened, and please not an hour before the time you are looking for.

We understand you may find using an agency little more difficult than you are used to especially when it comes to the verification process. We think you will find using a reputable agency such as ours to be a more enjoyable hobby experience.

We are no longer accepting phone apps for new customers, real #s only,  we will check before verifying, if you can not use your real phone we suggest a hobby phone

Before submitting as a "newbie" with no references text us first before proceeding.

Members with absolutely no references will be required to photo and work verify.

With References

Only local known agencies for references.
NO Indy References.

Review Site
Agency 1 Name
Agency 1 Number
Agency 2 Name
Agency 2 Number
Agency 3 Name
Agency 3 Number

With Out References

Work/Social Media info
Any Review site handles
3 photos
1 Clear copy DL
1 selfie you holding ID
1 selfie with a piece of paper and the days current date written on it

Email to

Preferred411.com is accepted


Have been experiencing some trouble with texts it seems to be happening when you are using a text app, Google voice seems anything that's using Wi-Fi instead of data, certain areas and locations seem to be more troublesome than others, get a hobby phone if you cant not use your real phone.

On that note their have been times that you have blocked our # on your phone(not wanting to receive unsolicited texts which we fully understand) we can still receive your texts but you are not seeing our response :)

FYI we never cold text you, EVER. We respect your privacy always.

If you have arrived and few minutes gone by without hearing from me please call that means you or me are not receiving each other's texts.


For any of you having difficulty accessing certain sites a VPN will come in handy, like anything else avoid free VPNs you get what you pay for (don't forget you can use prepaid cards for most services, if you can't it's not the right service) , so for certain countries that block sites you can use your VPN to connect through lets say England you then would have no problem accessing sites that your country is blocking.

VPNS in general a good idea anyway along with The TOR browser

Any questions feel free to contact

Proton users please add us to your white-list.