Some Etiquette

We book by apointment only so please be sure please of your time before booking, do not arrive super early for your appointment if your running early check in to see if I can get you in before your time, if you do arrive early please do not wait at location, if your not familiar with the area and need a place to lay up feel free to ask.

With that said please do not arrive late, we understand things happen, traffic, rain etc but please plan accordingly and be considerate to your fellow hobbyist.

Upon your arrival please place your gift in plain site where your model can see.

Expect a shower when you arrive, this is for you and your models enjoyment.

Upon arriving for your date please be mindful, try to avoid using the hotel ATM just for the simple reason of lets not try to let the hotel staff see you getting cash and leaving an hour later.

Try to be mindful during early afternoon appointments while the hotel staff is still cleaning; if you see house cleaning near your models door please use as much discretion as possible.