Have been experiencing some trouble with texts it seems to be happening when you are using a text app, Wickr Me is a good app to use, you can find it in the App store or google play, if you use Wickr Me our id is mysecretasian, do me a favor shoot me a text before your first message.

If you have arrived and few minutes gone by without hearing from me please call that means you or me are not receiving each others texts.


For any of you having difficulty accessing certain sites a VPN will come in handy, like anything else avoid free VPNs you get what you pay for (don't forget you can use prepaid cards for most services, if you can't its not the right service) , so for certain countries that block sites you can use your VPN to connect through lets say England you then would have no problem accessing sites that your country is blocking.
VPNS in general a good idea anyway along with The TOR browser

Any questions feel free to contact


Proton users please add us to your whitelist.

April 2019

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring

Google Voice, so here is a reason for anyone that is using google voice to please consider getting yourself a hobby phone, first reason its unreliability, spotty reception etc., but this is something that happened recently.

So a google voice user whom we were returning a call to and waiting for his call, this going on for several minutes, the google voice mail picks up we do not say anything, on the 3rd try someone answers but we know its not the same voice, hang up have no idea, call right back same voice which sounds rather young this time I ask that I'm a little confused we received a call from this # but the voice was different, the reply was that must be my father we asked how he was answering his fathers phone the reply was, at home on my computer at which point we hung up.

Moral of the story get a hobby phone.

January 2019

How's everyone doing, hope your enjoying your winter so far, its already getting little lighter everyday ,spring will be here before we know it.

All girls their first tour with us will be $260, hh rate is the same. If she becomes a regular with us after her first tour normal rate applies.


We want to apologize for those of you affected yesterday by Ivys schedule change, it doesn't look like Ivy will be finishing her tour sorry.


Hope everyone's start to the summer has been a great one.

Ok so we are almost done making some changes here on our back end (no smart comments lol), for those of you that have signed up for the mailing list you will not have to do so again, for any new people you can sign up here.

Will be making 1 more change to our email this week but will try to make it as seamless as possible, for now for booking please use the gmail address


We want to assure you that we will not be going anywhere, we have been making some slight changes on our end and we will be changing our extension to.ch in the coming days. We have always been hosted off shore in a country who values anonymity.

No we have not started the mailers yet :), one of the problems with using off shore hosts is many times the IPs get flagged for spam, there is always a price for anonymity lol so some of the backend changes we are making will help with that.

The sky is not falling, the seizure of .coms is nothing new, if memory serves correct the first big one I remember was bodag I think it was called, the gambling site from Canada, the reality is any top level domain can be seized by the US govt whenever they want for whatever reasons they want. With that said we all just need to adjust and get little smarter and help each other out in these times.
So we decided to not open a comment section, those of you that replied were kind of along the same line as thinking that we are. The companions you will find at MSA do fit the MSA standard, we pride ourselves on a enjoyable experience from your time of booking till the end of your date and believe in customer service. So in lieu of reviews we still want to assure you that we appreciate the time that you spend with our companions and will continue to deliver the same in the future.

Like we said we all need to adjust to the new times, new board members should try to reach out to the more experienced board members, we understand that reviews are now limited but let’s learn a new way to use the tools available to us.

*** 4/11/18 ***

we do not anticipate shutting down our site if something should occur keep in mind

and you will get redirected