34B 28 34 Natural
8 Shoe

160 hh
240/hr Msog
350/90 mins
TER Reviews

Tia will be back early October

Tia Tia Tia Tia

Welcome back Tia!!!

Tia joins us from Vegas, a fan favorite there and yes some of you have heard about big but Tia from vegas , not your typical Asian gal Tia is for those of you that like the big booty Asian girls.:)

Tia a rare Asian doll with a Latina body a dancer in a previous life :) with the flexibilty to proove it, sultry curves in all the right places along with her playfull attitude you will see why Tia is a pleasure to spend time with and why the luv her in Vegas.

The feedback on Tia is Amazing as she is rising to legendary status :) being compared to some of our top models ever here, run dont walk to see Tia and be ready for the time of your life.